Light and dark blue STEP UP Program flyer with the STEP UP acronym

What is the STEP-UP Program?

STEP-UP is a 21-week group intervention program for youth violence toward family members. Parents and youth learn together in a group setting with other families about resolving conflict and handling parent-teen problems without abuse or violence. Families learn and practice skills that build respectful and safe family relationships. 

STEP-UP is intervention and prevention. The overall mission of this program is to stop the cycle of family violence. Learning respectful relationship skills during adolescence helps prevent violence and abuse in their future relationships and families. 

Who does STEP-UP serve?

Youth and parents/caregivers who are referred by Juvenile Court staff or programs, probation counselors, judges and/or attorneys.

What happens if you are referred to STEP-UP?

When a youth is referred to STEP-UP either through the Juvenile Court or Probation, the youth and family are required to complete the STEP-UP assessment.  If the program is not appropriate for the Youth and family, other referrals for assistance and treatment will be recommended.

When and where?

STEP-UP will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the Depke Juvenile Justice Center, 24647 N. Milwaukee Ave., Vernon Hills, Illinois.

For more information, please contact the Lake County State’s Attorney Office, Juvenile Justice Division (847) 377-7850.