Expedited Diversion

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Expedited Diversion in the Misdemeanor Division is a critical and common-sense step that clears over-crowded court dockets while requiring non-violent, first-time offenders to take meaningful responsibility for their mistakes. In cases that don’t involve violence or driving under the influence, many first-time offenders are offered the option of entering a rehabilitative program at the College of Lake County, NICASA Behavioral Health Services, or with another community partner. Upon completion of the restorative step, and in consultation with the victim, the office will dismiss many cases. 

This approach incentivizes the offender to quickly take responsibility for the mistake while also ensuring that rehabilitation is calibrated to the individual situation. By quickly clearing dockets, prosecutors are better able to focus on violent cases, DUIs, and cases with repeat offenders. Individuals who have their case dismissed can quickly engage in education and employment opportunities while also receiving treatment toward the start of their case as opposed to many months after the crime.