Felony Review

the word felony highlighted in a dictionary

The Felony Review Division of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office provides assistance to local, state and federal law enforcement officers 24 hours a day. Since crimes can occur at any time of the day or night, a law enforcement officer can speak and consult with a prosecutor at any time. 

The Felony Review Division consists of 7 Assistant States Attorneys, 2 Executive Legal Assistants, and a Division Chief. They provide legal advice, review cases to determine if felony charges are warranted, prepares indictments, conducts grand jury proceedings, drafts arrest warrants and search warrants, assists with investigations, conducts bond hearings, preliminary hearings, handles fugitive cases and out of state witness cases, and issues grand jury subpoenas.

The division works closely with our law enforcement partners to make certain that cases are appropriately handled from the initial investigation until arrest and charging. By providing investigators with the necessary legal tools to conduct a complete and thorough investigation, criminal offenders are held accountable for their crimes and make our communities safer. 

Law enforcement officers should contact the Felony Review Division when they need legal advice, assistance with an investigation or are requesting that an arrest or search warrant be issued. We have an experienced and professional staff of prosecutors who can answer your questions and assist you with your case.