Specialized Victims Unit

Prison cell bars

The Specialized Victims Unit (SVU) is a highly specialized unit consisting of Assistant State’s Attorneys (ASAs) responsible for the investigation and prosecution of the following types of cases: 

  • sexual assault and abuse of child victims
  • sexual assault and abuse of adult victims
  • child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury or death
  • crimes against those with intellectual, developmental or other disabilities

The Unit works hand-in-hand with the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center (LCCAC) in the investigation of sexual and physical abuse allegations against children. The ASAs are an integral part of the LCCAC multi-disciplinary team (MDT) response and coordinate with the MDT to optimize the ability to hold offenders accountable and ensure community safety. In addition, the SVU prosecutors work with the SAO sexual assault victim specialist on all sexual assault cases of adult victims. Together they assist victims and their families through the criminal justice process and provide services and referrals to crime victims. The SVU is dedicated to serving and obtaining justice for the most vulnerable populations.

Victim Resources

Our Sexual Assault and Abuse Program brochure provides detailed information on the justice system process as well as the resources available for survivors of sexual assault or abuse. The Lake County Children's Advocacy Center provides individual and group therapy as well as resources for families, the Zacharias Center provides counseling, education, and court advocacy services, and the Court Advocacy program (D100) at A Safe Place assists survivors of sexual assault or abuse through the process of obtaining an order of protection in the Lake County Courthouse.