Juvenile Justice Division

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The Juvenile Justice Division (JJD) handles both juvenile delinquency matters as well as abuse and neglect cases. 
Our office is dedicated to finding the best possible outcomes for the community, victims, and offenders. We follow the principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) and recognize that communities, victims, and youth offenders are essential stakeholders in our juvenile justice systems. That includes, but is not limited to, expungement of juvenile records.

The JJD strives to use restorative justice techniques to address delinquency matters while also taking into consideration victim’s rights. The JJD recognizes that decisions made about delinquency matters directly impact the equity and social justice issues in the community, and we are committed to finding effective alternatives to formal court proceedings. In 2021, the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office secured funding through a grant from the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission for a domestic violence diversion program for juvenile offenders called STEP-Up.  

In addition to delinquency matters, the JJD is also responsible for the filing of petitions for minors who are abused, neglected and/or dependent. The JJD supports the importance of keeping families intact. However, the safety of children takes precedence above all and the JJD will prioritize the safety of children in their environment. 

The JJD is comprised of a Division Chief, 5 attorneys, legal assistants, and victim specialists. The JJD was also instrumental is restarting the Lake County Juvenile Justice Council and received funding through a grant from the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission.