Civil Trial Division

Statue of justice, judge's gavel, wooden table, book background, scales

The eleven (11) members of the Civil Trial Division defend Lake County, its individual departments, all employees, and county-wide Elected Officials in all litigation. The attorneys practice in both federal and state courts. 

The division acts as general counsel and advises County departments and elected officials on a wide range of legal issues including transactional matters, employment law, election law, and governmental compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act. 

Division attorneys assist individuals seeking to file a civil writ for detention and mental health examination. Division attorneys also bring environmental enforcement actions, file affirmative litigation for cost recovery on behalf of the County and prosecute ordinance violations through administrative adjudication. Civil Trial Division attorneys litigate federal and state constitutional claims, personal injury and property damage, eminent domain, property tax objections, and zoning disputes.
The Civil Trial division, through its litigation, is responsible for holding corporations and others accountable who have damaged either the residents or the government of Lake County. Our office brings environmental actions in partnership with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Also, on behalf of the residents of Lake County, our office has sued the vaping and opioid industries. Civil lawsuits are a critical way in which our legal system ensures that individuals are compensated for their damages and bad actors are financially deterred.