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Office Divisions and Staff
• Executive Division: employs 8 staff members, including Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim
• Civil Division: employs 10 staff members
• Child Support Division: employs 12 staff members
• Juvenile Trial Division: employs 13 staff members
• Administrative Services Division: employs 11 staff members
• Children’s Advocacy Center: employs 7 staff members
• Specialized Victims and Investigations Division: employs 9 staff members
• Therapeutic Intensive Monitoring Division: employs the Division Chief
• Cyber/White Collar Division: employs 7 staff members
• Gang/Narcotics Prosecutions Division: employs 9 staff members
• General Felony Division: employs 13 staff members
• Domestic Violence Division: employs 9 staff members
• Misdemeanor/Traffic Division: employs 20 staff members
• Felony Review: employs 12 staff members

2013 Case Facts:

In 2013, the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office prosecuted approximately 3,796 felony cases, 5,636 misdemeanor cases, 1,277 DT (non-felony DUI cases), and 29,294 traffic cases.

Community Involvement by Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim

State’s Attorney Nerheim has demonstrated strong leadership and business experience, and is involved in the Lake County community. He serves as Teen Court Judge at Warren Township as well as an advisory council member of Staben House. He is also on the board of directors of the Lake County Bar Foundation, NICASA, Lake County Crime Stoppers and Former Inmates Striving Together (F.I.S.T.).  He is a member of Lake County After School Coalition, Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force, member of the Lake County Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association, and serves as chair of the Lake County Juvenile Justice Council, Lake County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, and the Lake County Sexual Assault Council. He has also co-founded the Lake County Heroin/Opioid Prevention Taskforce in order to address the heroin and opioid problem that is unfortunately affecting Lake County.

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